History from Unterviehhofgut to Hofgut

Our history is a special one and goes back decades! Always connected in the past, we – the Aicher family & the Wurzenrainer family – are entering a new common future with the Hofgut Apartment & Lifestyle Resort Wagrain. With the common endeavour to create a perfect place for our guests’ family holidays, we are expanding our business for the future.
“The future belongs to those who believe in the veracity of their dreams.” ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

About us…

Two families, one idea! The farm UnterviehHOFGUT, JH Aicher and JH Wurzenrainer became the Apartment & Lifestyle Resort Hofgut in 2021.

Apartment home vacactioners and hotel holidaymakers feel equally at home with us. Creating a near-natural holiday resort with environmentally friendly resources was a major concern for us.

We and our team look forward to welcoming you soon at the Hofgut Wagrain.

Alois, Lukas, Andrea & Anna Wurzenrainer
Max, Martin, Theresia & Thomas Aicher
(from left to right)

Year 2020

A pandemic shakes the whole world. Lockdown and standstill, uncertainty.
In a few talks, the decision is made to merge the two youth hotels. Joining forces, facing the future together and realising dreams.

From one day to the next we jump into a new adventure. We already celebrate the summer season 2020 taken by Corona as a joint venture. Planning for the upcoming conversion begins and the connecting buildings of the two main houses and the two play worlds will already be realised in autumn 2020.

Our greatest thanks go to our staff, who supported our decision from the very beginning and stood by the project at all times. We would also not have been able to implement the conversion and renovation measures so smoothly without your help. 

Year 1960 – 2019

Two youth hostels in Wagrain become youth hotels.
For almost 60 years, the two establishments Jugendhotel Aicher & Jugendhotel Wurzenrainer were a well-known address for group events and school sports weeks. Over generations, they were constantly expanded, extended and improved. Among other things, through the cooperation of the Top Five Youth Hotels in Wagrain, the establishments developed into modern tourism businesses.

Jugendhotel Wurzenrainer

In 1994, at the age of only 21, Alois took over the hostel from his parents Theresia and Alois Wurzenrainer.
Together with his wife Andrea, they expanded the small business with about 130 guest beds to a chic youth hotel with 190 beds. In addition to constant investments and expansions, the 25m sports pool, the underground games world and the football pitch with FIFA dimensions were built in 2015. Over the years, the accommodation has become one of the best-known hotels for youth groups in Salzburger Land.


Jugendhotel Aicher

In 2010, Thomas took over the business from his father Hans-Peter Aicher, who had run the business since 1980 under the name Zirbenhof.
The Zirbenhof later became the Jugendhotel Aicher. Thomas and his wife Theresia also renovated the youth hotel from the ground up. At last, 170 beds were available for the young guests. In addition to a large renovation and new building in 2006, which also included the sports hall, the business was expanded again in 2016. The infinity pool on the roof terrace, a new kitchen and the games lounge were built at that time.


Year 1931

More than 90 years ago, two boys were born.
Hermann Aicher (left) and Alois Wurzenrainer (right).
Both came to Wagrain through their mothers and grew up on the same farm, the Unterviehhofgut, where they were raised by the Viehhofmutter. Later, when the boys had become men, Alois became a farmer on the Unterviehhofgut and his foster brother Hermann got a patch of meadow on which he could also build up his existence.


Die Familien

Alois Wurzenrainer Sr. married his Theresia in 1953 and they had 6 children, including 5 girls and a son, Alois. In 1970 they decided to build a house and offer rooms for young people.

Almost at the same time, Hermann Aicher married his Greti. After offering 3 guest rooms at first, they gradually built up the former Zirbenhof into a youth hostel. Of their three children, the eldest son Hans-Peter took over the business in 1982. Hans-Peter has two children, Thomas and Petra, from his marriage to Anna. He ran the youth hotel until 2010.

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