Art meets Hofgut

Art from the “University of Fine Arts” at Hofgut Wagrain


After completion of the new HOFGUT Apartment & Lifestyle Resort, there were many empty walls that first had to be brought to life.
had to be brought to life. In order to make good use of this space, we came up with the idea of bringing our artist friend Katrin Steinbacher on board and initiating a special project with art students.
The Wagrain-born artist, who studied at the Royal College of Art in London herself due to her passion for art, is now a lecturer herself and supervises her own students.
Kathrin has already received several awards for her work, including a BAFTA nomination for “Best Animated Short Film”.


Our joint idea was to have unique works created by international artists studying in England to breathe life into our new flat resort.

Kathrin was very enthusiastic about the idea of creating unique works of art for a hotel project. We realised this project in a student competition and the students started with the initial preparations in London in the form of a concept development. The 18 best applicants were invited to the Hofgut for a four-day trip to Pongau. After two years of travel bans due to the pandemic, this was a welcome change for the young artists.

To immerse themselves in the history of Wagrain, the young students visited the Waggerlmuseum and the Stille Nacht Museum in Wagrain. In addition to many hikes and explorations of nature in the mountains of the beautiful Wagrain-Kleinarl valley, our resort was of course also searched for suitable places and walls for the future works.

A highlight of the trip was the hike up the Glingspitz in our neighbouring village of Kleinarl. The 6-hour tour pushed many of the young hikers to their limits, but the feeling at the summit was an indescribable experience for the creative minds.
Another item on the programme was the presentation of the artists’ ideas and concepts. The artists’ approaches, thoughts and principles were explained to us and our wishes were also incorporated.



After the trip to Pongau, the students started to realise their projects at the university in Canterbury. We constantly received small impressions during the development of the artworks, which we were already looking forward to. We were thrilled by the creative works, in which nature, the history of Wagrain and many details of our resort were incorporated.

In order to present the unique works to all art enthusiasts from Wagrain and guests, there is the opportunity to view the illustrations as part of a

on 27.01.2023 from 16:00 – 19:00 o’clock with us in the Hofgut.

We cordially invite you to spend an atmospheric moment full of art and creativity with us.

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