Life on the hotel construction site

Major remodelling in the apartment resort in Wagrain!!!

In today’s blog post, we would like to describe the goings-on at the Hofgut construction site in more detail. This building site really has it all.

Four of the six buildings are being remodelled, completely gutted and renovated at the same time, with two more to follow in the summer. That takes a lot of effort. Fortunately, our bosses Alois & Thomas are also construction managers and site supervisors for this extensive project. That makes things a lot easier.



Part 1: The holiday apartments in the “Eiche.”

While the “Lärche” is still waiting to be refurbished, the new flats in the EICHE are as good as finished at the beginning of June. The 27 former guest rooms have been transformed into 9 luxurious flats offering the best in comfort.

Solid wood floors and solid wood furniture in all flats, stylish kitchens made by carpenters and fabrics and upholstered furniture produced in Austria perfect the furnishings and also leave an ecological footprint.

We did most of the planning ourselves, with the support of a planning office and the best professionals in the whole country, who have been supporting us for years with their full commitment in all our remodelling and new construction work. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU in advance!


Part 2: The holiday apartments in the “Fichte” and  “Zirbe.”

The interior decorators are currently busy laying the floor in the spruce, where the rooms have already been remodelled. You can already guess how cosy these holiday homes will be. Fine oak wood adorns the floors and promises the perfect natural feeling when walking barefoot in your holiday home and the carpenters are already starting the first assembly work here and there. In the Zirbe, on the other hand, they are still chiselling, bricking and drilling. Everything should be finished by the end of September. So there will certainly be no time for boredom.

Part 3: The new recreation, fitness and wellness building



An entire building just for your well-being?

One just like this is being built for our future guests who don’t want to miss out on anything on holiday. On the ground floor, the first concrete work for the indoor pool and the associated outdoor pool has just been completed. A spacious indoor pool with a lock for swimming outdoors, a Trioslide water slide, a baby pool and a large sunbathing gallery are being built here. The cables for our fitness lounge are currently being laid right next door. New cardio equipment and a fitness tower offer perfect training conditions for all those who don’t want to give up their sport.

The relaxation room for all guests aged 16 and over is located on the first floor. Adults can relax in peace and quiet on cosy wellness loungers. Another highlight in the Aktiv Centre is the Skysauna wellness area with 2 saunas, steam bath, whirlpool and tea lounge.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, space and freedom have been one of the most important criteria in our new resort, and this is not only reflected in the extensive hotel complex, but also in the accommodation units where you can enjoy plenty of space and freedom. Try out our new resort offer and visit us at our pre-opening in October 2021.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your Hofgut Team

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